Ovus 60 cm Built-in Gas Oven

Affordable basic top-bottom element oven with forced fan and rotisserie option that suits every kitchen needs.





  • Double bottom gas burner
  • Original Sabaf Valve
  • Built in Ignitor
  • Easy Enamel Cavity
  • Advance Cooling Fan
  • Gas Safety Device
  • Adjustable Thermostat with 50°- 250°C Temperature control                             
  • LED lamp



  • Double Glazed removable door
  • Gas safety Device











  • Rotisserie
  • Multi purpose baking tray
  • Chrome Baking Rack    
  • Easy Enameel Cavity




Large Capacity

When it comes to capacity, bigger is definitely better. Despite its standard dimensions, the 65-liter* OVUS oven has the largest interior in its class.

Nano Glass technology

OVUS offers a new smart solution to improve everyday lives of consumers. The oleophobic nano coating technology used in the glass door of the Built-in ovens provides dirt resistance and “Excellent Clean” features.

Removable door

You will never forget how to remove the inner and intermediate glass from the oven door. Because with OVUS two steps door removal system cleaning glass doors has never been easier.

Front-venting system

This type of venting system is greatly benefits you by regulate to in front of the oven. Many other ovens blow the ventilation on the back of the oven, which can cause damage to your kitchen cabinet. With OVUS ovens, you don’t have to worry about this venting problem.

Hidden-heating element

All OVUS ovens has hiddens to keep your oven east to clean. This also prevents rust on the elements, gives you long lasting and high performance heating.

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